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CCS Unpacked: Neuroscience and Resilience

Insights from neuroscience to build resilience


Are you thriving in this current environment? Or finding yourself wanting the world to stop so you can hop off?

In times of uncertainty and stress, we need to draw on our internal resources to stay safe and sane. We need to be resilient. But what does that actually mean? And how do we become resilient?

Psychologists define resilience as the process of adapting well in the face of adversity, threats, or significant sources of stress. We certainly seem to have been served up these challenging situations in spades lately!

In this CCS Unpacked we explore the neuroscience of resilience with Anne Paterson, founder of Results Through People, Anne will share some practical tips for you to harness the power of the brain to help you adapt in these tumultuous times.

We will cover:

  • 4 brain facts about how our brain can work against us
  • Harnessing the thinking brain
  • How the CCS cards help
  • Q&A


Leonie Cutts - portrait

Leonie Cutts

As co-developer of CCS Cards, Leonie is constantly collaborating with others to extend the valuable methods and ways people can use the tool to experience quality communication. As a trained educator, counsellor and professional facilitator, with a unique background in games and communication product development, she thrives when helping others to access their best selves and share that with others.


Anne Paterson - portrait

Anne Paterson

Anne has over 25 years’ experience in global HR Management, Learning and Development and consulting within the UK, mainland Europe and Australia. She has a Master of Arts Degree, a Postgraduate Diploma in Management Studies and a Certificate in the Foundations of Neuroleadership.

Anne has worked across a diverse range of industries and organisations providing consultancy advice and support, designing and delivering training programs and coaching executives. Her company, Results Through People, provides a range of consulting and training design and delivery services to help organisations apply the insights from the world of Neuroscience to:

  • Facilitate Workplace Change
  • Build Leadership Capability
  • Develop Individual and Organisational Resilience
  • Build High Performing Teams.


This session will touch upon methodologies covered in  Unpacked: CCS User Manual


CCS Unpacked: Neuroscience and Resilience

Delivered virtually on Zoom.


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