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CCS Unpacked: Christmas Conversations

Engaging with family and friends over the festive season


The festive season is upon us!  Some see there is no better time than spending the holidays with family and friends. Some dread the same old conversations and tensions. Lighten and brighten this Christmas and festive season with some new topics to explore!

I have spent COVID 2020 indulging in big questions with Executive Coach and lifelong learner, André Alphonso. We want to share some of these with you — so bring along your CCS Cards, open mind and playful spirit as we welcome in the festive season!  You will be guaranteed to take away at least one topic to share with your friends and family this Christmas!



Leonie Cutts - portrait

Leonie Cutts

As co-developer of CCS Cards, Leonie is constantly collaborating with others to extend the valuable methods and ways people can use the tool to experience quality communication. As a trained educator, counsellor and professional facilitator, with a unique background in games and communication product development, she thrives when helping others to access their best selves and share that with others.


André Alphonso

André Alphonso

He will make you laugh. He will make you cry. He will make you think. More importantly he will inspire you to go beyond standard ways of communicating with people so that you will walk away with a practical set of tactics that you can immediately use to turn up the volume on your personal presence and influence. André Alphonso is an entrepreneur, owner and leader of multiple businesses, published author, executive coach and keynote speaker who uses storytelling as a way of communicating his message.



This session will touch on methodologies covered in Unpacked: CCS User Manual


CCS Unpacked: Christmas Conversations

Delivered virtually over Zoom


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