CCS Virtual Image Cards Apps

The power of CCS image cards on mobiles, desktops and online conferences

Back in our 2012 blog article The CCS Vision Pack App (written to introduce our, and possibly the World's, first virtual image card App), we discussed how 'real' cards will likely always be viewed as an efficient way for groups of people to follow image card processes.

Cards are nice to hold, fun to thumb through, a good size for sharing choices, they work anywhere, and are easy for pretty much anyone to use. Also, they encourage a creative, calming, enjoyable, "off-phone" experience.

However, the need for quality connections in virtual get-togethers has brought a new urgency for ways to deliver virtual image card driven experiences.

Our experience shows that digital devices, particularly mobiles, offer a different, but comparable 'shuffling and sharing' experience. They also provide an easy means to instantly share and capture choices, and the convenience of putting a set of image cards in the "hands" of every participant regardless of time zone.

So, bring on the CCS Virtual Image Cards Apps!

Here's a brief overview of our planned releases and what you can expect. We will update this page as things progress.

CCS Vision Pack App for MOBILES

The mobile App is a compact, virtual version of CCS Cards for Android and Apple devices. It offers a range of great features for CCS users:

  • Three different CCS packs: Quickly switch to either of 3 different vision packs: 2017Ed, Original and Express.
  • Auto shuffle and pack reset: Reset your pack at any time and choose whether the pack is shuffled or presented in the standard order.
  • Add notes about choices: Easily add notes to each of your card choices.
  • Title and Save your visions: Add titles to your visions and save them for later reference.
  • Export your vision for sharing: Send your completed visions to your mobile’s photo gallery for sharing or printing.

Access: Individual users purchase from App stores.

Available: Now.

More detail: CCS Users who would like some detail on the workings of the App, can take a look at

Future In-App Experiences: in later versions of the App we expect to offer plug-in guided step-by-step virtual image card experiences for a variety of subject areas. For instance: a user may add a CCS-driven Career Empowerment Process, or a Peak Potential Self-discovery Series. These plugin experiences will provide guidance, expert topics and unique vision records.



CCS Vision Pack App for PC/Mac

Everything in the mobile App with the benefit of being able to easily share your screen over video conferencing applications such as Zoom or Skype.

Access: Individual users purchase from Windows Store or Apple's App store.

Available: August 2020. NO LONGER REQUIRED.

We have decided that a PC or Mac version of the standard App is no longer required, as it is now quite straightforward for anyone to display their mobile screen on their desktop and then simply share that screen on regular video conferencing platforms. Apple to Apple is a simple connection, Android to Windows uses Microsoft's free MyPhone App, and inter-brand combinations can be handled with readily Apps such as Reflector 3 (for under $30).



CCS Vision Pack App for PC/Mac

CCS Virtual Image Cards Facilitation Environment

A custom CCS virtual image cards PC/Mac application that allows a subscribing facilitator to send exclusive invitations to their participants to join a virtual image card session. Using a web-connected mobile or desktop, participants freely download an App to join the session. Or, use their existing paid App to join.

The facilitator begins by directing participants to privately make choices from their individual online CCS virtual image card packs. While they are selecting, the facilitator can see their progress as they ‘lock-in’ their choices.

Then, when everyone is done, the facilitator can virtually manage the revealing and discussion of choices from each participant.

The system will also provide a facilitator with information about common and unique choices across the group and allow assortments of chosen cards to be ‘tossed’ into a common area for sorting, discussion, and annotation by the whole group.

At the end of a session, the facilitator can save final choices and easily have the resultant vision sent to all participants for action and follow up.

Access: Single facilitator can purchase the main app for Win/Mac with the capacity to invite a designated number of participants at any one time.

Available: TBA.




CCS Virtual Image Cards Facilitation Environment

Download the CCS Vision Pack App