Month: August 2022

two men engaging in connection discussion

Do guys feel emotional connection?

By Craig Browne

How’s that for a clickbait title? But I didn’t make it up. Google offered it up to me in the list of suggested questions in response to my typing “emotional connection” in the search bar. As a “guy” (AMAB), the voice in my head immediately shouted “yeah, of course we do!” But as I thought for a moment, I found myself saying “oh, maybe we don’t — maybe I’d better click!”

having to adapt programs to hybrid working

“Hybrid bloody hybrid!”

By Craig Browne

On a phone call the other day with a professional facilitator and long-time CCS user, we got onto the subject of the challenges of adapting to new ways of working. When I brought up the need to be ready for having some participants in the room and some remote, she immediately shouted,
“Oh yeah. Hybrid, bloody hybrid!”