Month: November 2020

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Not Creative? Here’s 4 Things To Get You Started.

By Leonie Cutts

Creative thinking is one of the first steps in innovation and something that many organisations are prioritising. So, is it possible to turn creative thinking on when we need it? Bill Jarrard says yes, and gives the four key ingredients.

blog feature - leadership identity

The Missing Piece from the Leadership Conversation

By Leonie Cutts

What does leadership mean to you?
The definition you hold of leadership is important because it will inform how you see yourself as a leader, how you lead and how you help others to do the same.

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3 keys to having tough conversations

By Leonie Cutts

Some conversations are tough, but not having them might be even tougher. Living with the discomfort caused by assumptions or worrying about negative outcomes, can churn up a lot of energy and waste a lot of time. How can CCS image cards make having tough conversations easier?